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Information Security Policy 

Policy statement 

Elco Solutions collaborates with large OEM and Tiers in the automotive and industrial field on R&D projects for the design and development of new technologies and products. To facilitate collaboration, the customers and Elco Solutions frequently share confidential information, such as prototype design. In case valuable data is not efficiently protected, the exchanges along the supply chain may cause losses, manipulations or even theft of trade secrets.  

Furthermore, new technological advances, come with new network vulnerabilities and risks and in the world of the advanced technology era, cybersecurity threats are surrounded to connect the devices that are becoming riskier and riskier.  

Conscious of these challenges and risks, ELCO-SOLUTIONS is developing an information security policy, in consultation with all stakeholders, to set the framework for securing health information and meet information security needs of the automotive industry.  

The security policy therefore aims to ensure the solidity and the sustainability of our information system. In this context, ELCO-SOLUTIONS undertakes to implement an ambitious policy aimed at ensuring the continuity of its activities, limiting security incidents, and acting against threats. These threats, the nature of which is constantly evolving, include, among others: lack of confidentiality, fraud and crimes related to the misuse of information. 

This policy is based on an information security management system ISMS and follows a continuous improvement approach to assess, control, and manage information security risks. 

Our goals 

The information security policy aims to ensure: 

  • Confidentiality of information, 
  • Integrity of Information, 
  • Availability of information,  
  • Protection of prototypes 
  • Traceability, 
  • Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. 

Achieving these objectives requires: 

  • Compliance with this policy at all levels, 
  • The control of risks and security aspects related to our activities, 
  • The analysis of our dysfunctions and feedback from our interested parties as well as the effective management of the related plans. 

To do this, we take all the necessary steps to continuously improve our information security management system in accordance with the ISO 27001 and TISAX standards. 

Application domain 

The information security policy applies to any person or organization in relation with ELCO-SOLUTIONS. 

Our engagements 

For the success of this information security policy, we are committed with the management committee to enforce this policy and to allocate the necessary resources. To do this, we appoint Ms. Rania AOUISSAOUI as Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). She is responsible, with the support of all the managers, for: 

  • Ensure compliance of the ISMS, 
  • Ensure its implementation and application, 
  • Translate complaints from interested parties into internal requirements, 
  • Report regularly to senior management on the operation of the system. 

Security is everyone's business.